The Best Years Of Our Lives Series,  2014

This time you will see the kisses which have traveled through the Cinema’s history and have landed on the painting frames. Like you can fix an sparkling scene of a classic movie on your mind forever.

These sparkling scenes might stays for e few seconds on the film, but for some unclear reasons, the audience keeps all these moments from the film separately in a bubble of nostalgia and memory, as the special moments.

These moments by the way, are controversial moments in the Cinema’s history In 1930s, censorship system in United States specifically stated that the time of displayed kisses in the movies is not allowed more than three seconds.

Lawmakers feared from the hidden heat of these romantic moments. Kisses and flirting could only come in the shortest possible time on films. Each kiss was a temporary bond which existed for only three seconds. But how you can immortalize these short romantic moments forever in peoples mind?

This question probably is the basis for this design exhibition. Where you can see how these short – special moments immortalize on a single frame forever.

If you see Cinema as “motion pictures”, this exhibition contrariwise is trying to freeze the time and motions.

Theme of this exhibition is these romantic moments which represented by designing from the special shots of the films. Title of the exhibition is “The Best Years of Our Lives in Cinema Diamond”, which because of the weight of “cinema Diamond” itself, adds more materials to the pictures.

In this exhibition you will experience the very same experience you had in the movie theaters. The experiences like erotic lights from the neon lamps, large posters were pasted together in cinema’s hall, advertising boxes with blinking lights and of course a very dark room with staring eyes.