The Third Man Series,  2010-2011

My new painting collection is based on the Film-Noir Genre of movies and cinema. Specifically, The Third Man, produced in 1949. Written by Graham Greene, The Third Man director Carol Reed’s clever use of lighting, scene selection, cinematography and set design creates a dark and threatening atmosphere without using a single violent scene. The director’s effective use of black and white film instead of colorand effective use of backlighting accentuates the experience that the writer and the director had wished to instillin watching this film.

In keeping true with the film creators’ vision, I have also limited the number of colors and combinations used in creating this collection. Recreating the scenes, the lighting and the feel of the story in my paintings has challenged and enriched me as an artist. Prior to The Third Man collection, my paintings were based on pictures that depicted the palpable interactions and feelings in everyday family settings. However, this time through The Third Man, I found myself within a cold and dark reality in an unfamiliar country, culture and era. I was not familiar with this space but as I spent more time immersing in this unknown, my sense of understanding and connection to this era grew deeper. This collection isin essence my tribute to the Film-Noir cinema, my favorite film Genre. Cinema has always been and remains one of my passions. Why I decided to enter into an artistic interpretation or discussion of this passion the way that I have, raises questions in my mind and perhaps for those who have followed my work throughout the years. I find answers to some and loose myself in other questions that remain unanswered.

What do these paintings project?

Had I depicted the painted scenes using picture posters, would it have mattered?

What are the differences in painting a movie versus a picture?

What does it mean to depict a cinematic art form in a painting? What commonality or familiarity between my daily scenes and space existed with this film to raise my interest in painting it?What made me move away from the comfort and warmth of a friendly evening gathering to this dark, cold and gut wrenching place?
If I had to reflect and answer truthfully, it is the passion for the Film-Noir Genre and “The Third Man” movie that inspired me to paint this collection.  However, Ieagerly await the reaction of the viewers and their answers to these questions in due course.

Beside exhibiting my works, in collaboration with Mohsen Hosseini and Bahar Ghoreishi, we designed and held an artistic performance for the venue. We demonstrated individual artistic performances for nine paintings of mine.