House No.19

Film Noir Admixture

Drawing & Painting Exhibition

No.19, Vaezi ST., Asadi Intersection
Karimi St, Mousivand St., ShariatSt
Qods Sq., Tel: 09191765059
Opening: 21 December 2012, 15 – 21 Hrs
Gallery will remain open until 2 jan 2013
Every day from 15 to 21

Seventy drawings and paintings in this collection are attribute to my favorite Cinema genre, Film Noir. For the past few years, I have watched and immersed myself in a large number of these movies. I have taken many pictures of my favorite scenes, highlighting  the characteristics of this genre. Unlike my previous exhibition – The Third man-which I painted specific scenes from that movie, each painting in my new exhibition “House No. 19” is the combination of different scenes  from different  movies into one.  Each new Image is created with new composition whileremaining loyal to the elements  of  the contributing  movies.

 Far from the madding crowd

The location and make shift  gallery of this exhibition also has its own story. Avery small house which is about to be demolished and built as a new multi-story building. The old house, full of memories and stories, is one of those cozy places that we all love which in the hustle of the modern life vanishes as the city sheds its skin.I believe Film Noir genre and its classic atmosphere has vanished the same way;  lost in the bustling glamor of the modern cinema and life.To create the atmosphere of Film Noir, I used all the walls, doors, windows, every corner, even the cupboards and closets of this fading character home.